Tuesday 28 August 2018

Knitting and Nattering

"Let's do the charity shops in Midhurst" my friend S said a few weeks ago....well who was I to argue eh.


1. Cake - mission accomplished😋

2. Chatter- mission accomplished and some😉

3. Charity shops- mission accomplished. 😍 See evidence below

Whilst walking and talking, we discovered that the square in front of the church had been yarnbombed as part of the town's art week. It was the first time S had encountered the term and I don't think she was quite sure what to make of it all. I, of course, was in my element. It was just a stroke of luck that we caught it on the last day of the festival as I expect it will all be returned to normal by now.

All news now caught up on and the next meet up is already in the diary!



  1. I love your new top...although I dont know you in person..I feel that it is so you!!That yarnbombed square looks amazing too.I havent heard of that term before either!An area where I sometimes look around had knitted things on the bollards...but sadly someone decided to nick them.xx

    1. Thanks Debi. I'm always partial to a bit of new to me knitwear!


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