Wednesday 19 September 2018

The Bonkers Bits

Go on indulge knew I was going to be keeping my eyes peeled for all the bonkers stuff in Oslo didn't you! Just a small selection of what I spotted.....

It's not everyday you come across a depiction of a woman's inner workings displayed on a wall as a piece of art work is it now?!!

Perhaps you might prefer a troll....I saw lots of variations of these and am frankly about as keen on them as the garden gnome. Simply not my taste that's all, but quite amusing.

I saw the sign first and when I went to investigate further I discovered that this used to be a carpark. In an attempt to highlight climate change and encourage walking you can now play your own music by plugging your phone into the converted parking meter. People dance in the space.

Speaking of parking....there were a whole series of painted spaces. I like the idea of adding a splash of fun to something utterly functional and mundane.

Some bite their nails....this strange beast is apparently biting its leg. [St Edmund's, Anglican Church]

Why pray are there graffiti teeth on this bridge.....answers on a postcard please.

Now I may have seen a greenman or three in my time on this planet, but never something along these lines. These two look like they've stepped straight from the pages of a Grimm's fairytale.

In this case it looks very much like the street artist looked at the blank wall and thought ..."ah well might as well incorporate the original features!"

Enough I hear you all time I shall aim for a more grown up post.



  1. I find it fascinating how different countries deal with and create street art. The first image, when opening the thumbnail it looked like a modern-primitive interpretation of a ram's skull...

    1. I see where you're coming from. There were other body parts further along the wall, but also fantastical beasts. Can't find out much about it.

  2. I'm glad you spotted all those features, made me smile this morning.

  3. photo looks like a couple of members bent round?! x


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