Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Fourth Generation

Phew...it's been a bit of a scorcher these past 24 hours hasn't it. Hope you're all bearing up. Personally I'm not a natural lover of heat, but by planning what I do and working at a measured pace I get by.

We deliberately didn't go hell for leather over the weekend...just a gentle stroll into town early on Saturday to run a few errands with a thoroughly enjoyable poke around the oldest graveyard in the town, before heading home before the mercury soared too high. A gentle session of hand sewing to make some progress on the bathroom blind and a splendid evening spent in our friends' garden and joined by another couple who we haven't seen in several months. It was topped off by their young hedgehog doing its rounds before we left....sadly an increasingly rare sight these days. Sunday followed much the same pattern.

In between enjoying the odd pint of ale or cider we've all been drinking far more water than our more normal choice of tea and coffee. As of this week this has been TYM's vessel of choice. He came home from uni as a reformed character.....gone are the fruit flavoured ciders and now his sup of choice is real beer...he must be my son after all if he is a bitter drinker like his Mother and Grandfather. His Dad most definitely is not!! He mentioned in passing a few weeks ago that my Dad has a pewter tankard that had belonged to his Dad from the days when you would leave it at your local pub and they would hang it above the bar in anticipation of your next visit. He was delighted when said tankard was gifted to him a few days ago and it's been pressed into action with immediate effect. The thought that this family heirloom is now owned by the fourth generation has really tickled him I really hope that my Grandfather [who died before I was born] would be pleased to see it being used and enjoyed. Methinks that a trip to a local brewery within walking distance for all three of us to taste their wares might be on the cards very soon🧉



  1. What a handsome heirloom is your family tankard! And it's still being used for its original purpose!

    Alas for us, the ancestral metal object is a much used spider (small cast iron pan) that someone chose to scrub and so remove decades of seasoning. One suspects Grossmutter has cursed it for that reason... :\

    1. These things might not be worth much in monetary terms, but they're worth so much more for the association with the people they remind us of! Arilx

  2. That is a very cool heirloom. I hope he enjoys it and another generation aprecaites the joy of a good beer on a hot day.

    1. He hopes to continue to pass it on down the family. Arilx


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