Tuesday 25 August 2020

Houdini and Cut Knees

 After several months of not seeing one another [save for the odd long distance wave when I work up near her],my friend H dropped in for a cuppa and a natter on Sunday. Mr GBT made a big batch of raspberry jam recently, so a jam themed bake was in order for her visit. He made jam tarts [pastry refuses to behave for me] and I made a batch of these that I call Sticky Blobs. That's not my choice of name, but the one given in my Be-Ro Recipe book. However, I gather in some quarters they're called Cut Knees....maybe next time I make them I'll use apricot jam, lime marmalade or lemon curd because I can't now unsee that image in my head!!  I kept that little nugget to myself when I offered them to H😃

H has the friendliest little dog called Misty. She's a rescue one and part whippet. In time H has learnt the hard way that she's a most excellent escape artist and having made many successful bids for freedom she has broken into the neighbour's garden or got out into the fields behind. Obviously this is far from ideal and they have had to block every potential exit in their garden [their other dog has never tried to get out] to keep her in. This was working until recently when she resurrected her Houdini act. The family were perplexed because nothing had changed and they knew even she couldn't jump over the high fence. Last week she got caught in the act and her tricks were revealed.....she has discovered how to climb up the fence like a cat. Let's just say she's now on a long lead when she's outside until suitable adjustments have been made to prevent any further unplanned wanderings!!



  1. Here 'oop norf' they call those buns 'thumb-buns' coz you use your thumb to make the depression for the jam!

  2. Might I suggest you call these delicious treats "Jelly Wells"? It's a repurposing of what local ladies renamed jelly-filled doughnuts (don't ask).
    The dog rescue in Richmond, Indiana had a whippet that "pronged" like a gazelle when inspired by the sight of a squirrel! or rabbit! For those late night potty runs, her elderly family had to put little Shelby on a long lead that ringed onto a wire strung between house and barn. Talk about a zip line!

  3. We have to have our guy on a long lead as well-he just will wander. At the cabin he stays with us, but at home he thingks the world is his, and I worry as he has no steet savvy. The sticky blobs look good-sort of a thumb print cookie perhaps?

  4. Those buns look yummy!

    Julie xxx


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