Monday 3 August 2020

Watch out!

You'll know by now that I'm a fidgety old bird and like to keep moving. I also like to feel I have spent my time well and helping others. My friend Guiding J has a family connection to a local charity who fundraise for a community in South Africa.

 As you might imagine Lockdown has had a devastating effect upon the charity's ability to hold big events to make money, so instead they have increased the clothes they collect to a monthly basis which are then either sent off for recycling or sold. This has proved to be very popular and has resulted in a huge spike in donations.....that obviously means more pairs of hands needed to help sort too. With several of us socially distanced in the founder's garden we were able to get through a huge pile in a couple of hours and this can then be translated into much needed money to go to the project which is facing extreme hardship in the face of Covid 19. 

It always seems to be the case with any form of recycling [same with the Sussex Green Living stuff] you always get a small percentage of random stuff. I have returned home with a pair of scissors [no....I am as perplexed as you] and this rather splendid Steampunk fob watch which makes more sense because it counts as an accessory. Unfortunately it is outside the charity's scope, so my friend J just told me to have it. Upon closer inspection it's not an expensive version, but it is a windup one and Mr GBT is rather chuffed to have it to add to his Mythago hat as it's very much in keeping with our image!!

Of all the bags I could have chosen at random this find definitely felt like it had my name on it!!



  1. That fob watch is perfect on the hat, what a find! x

    1. It doesn't bear a close inspection, but is just right for his hat and I would have hated to seen it thrown away! Arilx

  2. Looks like a perfect addition to the hat.

    1. Thanks works really well with all the other bits and bobs he's got on there. Arilx


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