Wednesday, 19 August 2020

A wide mouthed frog


Please excuse the poor photo flash on a dull February day back in 2017 was always going to have its challenges. A pile of National Trust magazines were given to me a weeks ago and reading through last night this turquoise ceramic frog was featured. As it's from at Standen House which is a regular haunt of mine I  wondered whether I had taken any photos of it on one of my visits. Turns out Lady Luck was on my side and there it was lurking at the back of one [I was actually photographing something else at the time].

The purpose of this rather unusual piece was to keep spoons/ladles warm. Filled with warm water to heat them through this would thus prevent the sauces/ gravies being spoilt by coming into contact with cold cutlery when the staff were serving the family members during meal times. It's Victorian in date.



  1. I did not know that!
    Did you ever read with TYM a book about a wide mouth frog when he would have been quite little. I did with mine and when I read your post title, that is what came to mind :)

    1. I don't remember the book, but I think there used to be a silly joke about one. Arilx

  2. It reminds me of a frog one of my kis made in an art class. I love it.


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