Friday, 30 October 2020

Samhain 2020

 Seeing as it's Halloween 👻💀😱😁 tomorrow I thought I'd share this rather dishevelled witch from the Farnham Sculpture Park. She rather looks like she might have partaken of a cauldron full of Witches Brew already! As usual I shall enjoy a quiet celebration with the couple I always mark it with. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.



  1. Your witch looks quite human...we're used to seeing them looking powerful or threatening or evilly jubilant. I feel like I should sit down with this one a while. She looks like she needs to talk.

  2. Riding one's broom in a late October snowstorm will do that to one's appearance and appreciation of the celebration. The leggins (with a festive fringe!) were a good idea, 'tho.
    Enjoy your meeting with friends, Aril. As a non-pagan, I was a tad apprehensive when I received my first invitation to a Samhain feast -- until my hostess said, "Potato salad, we're low on potato salad. Could you bring potato salad?"


Oops I did it again!

 Not for the first time I managed to schedule today's intended post for the wrong date so it's already gone live before the event so...