Tuesday 20 July 2021

Coming along nicely.

 Some shots from our garden that I took over the weekend. We've now [Mr GBT has I should say although I did ably assist him with some of the antirrhinums one evening] put all the pollinator/bird friendly plants in that we had planned for and with all the rain everything seems to have taken including the cutting from my parents beauty bush that we didn't think had made it. With all the rain we have had it's given all the newbies a head start and so over the coming years it should all meld together nicely into a managed tangle. Am delighted with it all so far, but despite the recent sunshine those figures still look as miserable as sin!

We were only talking a few evenings ago about how bad we are about actually sitting outside, so Saturday night, glass of vino in hand all three of us [TYM was at home for once] sat round the table quietly chatting for a couple of hours. As it was getting darker we were treated to the silhouettes of pipistrelle bats flying overhead catching insects on the wing and a meteorite flare. Such times together are rare and special.



  1. Oh, those are the times I love. Sitting around with a nice glass of wine or cold beer, family-friends, neighbors. That is life. Your garden is lovely.

  2. We sit out most evenings - more so at the moment with this warmth, don't say much, just breathe in the evening air, watch the 'day bats' (swallows and swifts) turn into night bats (bats!!) it helps wind down a busy day x

  3. Do like the sight -- and sound! -- of a well "managed tangle", especially when it includes plants contributed from friends and family.

  4. looking good. I try and sit outside, but it's not long until I am up out of my seat and start fiddling with something. Pull that weed up, water the pots, trim that straggly bit off the hedge.

  5. Your garden is looking fabulous, bursting with colour! x


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