Monday 19 July 2021

Fancy a cuppa and a slice of cake?

 In my family there is a run of birthdays between May and July. I like to make everyone a birthday cake [except TYM who prefers cheesecake] of their choice, so this afternoon I shall be baking for my Mum. Earlier in the month it was a lemon drizzle for Mr GBT and prior to that I decided to surprise one of my best friends with this....she loves unicorns and anything purple. It met the brief and she was delighted [it tasted good], but it hasn't converted me to purple icing I'm afraid! She's now the proud owner of those unicorn sprinkles....I didn't think I would have need of them again anytime soon🦄

Now one of the things Mr GBT and I like to do best in the world is to visit a tearoom for a cuppa and a slice of something moreish and calorific once in a while. The Abbey Tearooms in Tewkesbury is a marvellously quirky little cafe stuffed to the gunwhales with all sorts of intriguing knick knacks. I'm still inclined to go outside where it's possible/practical so we headed out to the tables in the tiny courtyard garden out the back. How could I resist when I clapped eyes on this highly original space and innovative reuse of everyday items. I thought you might enjoy the views too and the final photo explains the background of the creator of this little oasis. The knight is because the Battle of Tewkesbury on 4th May 1471 was one of the major battles in the Wars of the Roses.



  1. "something moreish." For some reason that tickled me. I would have been gawping at everything in that garden and let my tea get cold.

    1. Thankfully I took these photos quickly whilst I was waiting for our order to arrive. Arilx

  2. In answer to your post title, yes please! What a lovely thing to do for your family. My siblings have not been major gift givers-too many of us, bu tlike to clelbrate with happyhours,lunches, dinners and treating the birthday gal or gy and maybe small gifts for fun. I've taken to consumable gifts like homemade jams and jellies and baked goods as well. I always seem to get appreciation.


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