Wednesday 7 July 2021

Not watching the footie

 One thing I am not known for is being a lover of the beautiful all honesty I go to great lengths to avoid watching any of it....even I though can't fail to have noticed that the Euros 2020 are currently being played! Mr GBT is not a fan either so on paper it should be easy to keep GBT a football free zone, yet somehow we have produced an offspring that loves footie. The genes have apparently skipped a generation and come straight in from my Dad. The two of them are watching the semi final together tonight. Even I would like to see the lads win!

Having said I never watch I got caught out at the weekend as there was a match being played at the Brooklands Museum where we paid a visit for Mr GBT's birthday. Mind you if I tell you that this variation is called "Motorball" it kind of gives it away.....utter glorious madness.

I'm not sure that I'd have fancied being in goal with all those bikes racing up towards me. It was London v Essex and as Essex is my county of birth I am glad to say that they were leading 1-0 when we left. Fingers crossed they won! The chap with the blue mohican on top of his helmet was the Essex captain.


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  1. No footie here either - fortunately our sons have also taken on the same mantle of apathy when it comes to the glorious game much to the chagrin of my father who is glued to the television at every match regardless of who is on the field!



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