Sunday 17 January 2016

Twinkle Toes

On 13th September I started a no new clothes challenge for a year. I have bought nothing new and nothing in the way of second hand garments as such since then. To date one scarf had slipped under the radar but yesterday sparkly, colourful things caught my eye and I had that little lurch in the pit of my tummy which tells me that the old gut instinct has just gone ping. I listen to these whispers as they are right- if I have to convince/justify buying an item they won't stay long. These were purchased for the princely price of 90 pennies [that's for all three] at the jumble sale where I was helping out. So I suppose the bottom line is that I've kind of bent the challenge rules....then that's me all over!

The shoes make my heart sing and please my inner Disco Dolly...I look forward to having sparkly pieds on dark dull days. I understand that they are gloriously impractical but they will give me much pleasure as have the impractical purple boots I bought for a fiver last year and absolutely love.

These two are beautiful scarves. Much prettier in the flesh so to speak. Unusual quirky earrings used to be my trademark but since sadly developing an allergy to all metals those days are past. Instead I have masses of unusual gorgeous scarves- all either made for me, second hand, gifts or passed on by friends. I've thought vaguely about putting photos up from time to time but think maybe that doesn't make for thrilling blog material.



  1. Sometimes as you say, an item sings to us. These are small items for price and space so rule bending seems appropriate.

  2. I presume 'no new clothes' is not the same as 'no s/h clothes'.

    1. Something vaguely along those lines. I really think a month long challenge is enough for me. I am easily bored!

  3. I am not surprised those twinkly shoes caught your eye and made your heart skip happily! I am also an earring and scarf person - they are my go-to essentials - my armour x

  4. Very prettifull! I love scarves too. And shoes. And quirky earrings. Maggie magpie signing off!


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