Sunday, 24 January 2016

Not Lying Down and Taking It!

Tombs provide an endless source of fascination for me. I am fairly familiar with your recumbent knight [we have such a fine fellow in our local church] or the lady with her big ruff lying back  piously praying.....and then there's this dame....well Dame Mary Evre  to be more specific who died in 1619.

She simply made me smile when I spotted her a few years ago in St Laurence's church in Ludlow. Looking for all the world like she's levitating I just love her feet. I shared it on a FB group I'm in and someone commented that she looks like she's flicking through the channels with the remote. Now it's been said I can't "unsee" it if you see what I mean. How fab is she!!!



  1. She really is fabulous. There were some beauties in the village church were I was born (Lingfield Surrey). These tombs are one of Englands unknown treasures.

  2. Ha! You just made me snort into my tea - yes she IS flicking through the channels with the remote! I have never seen a tomb topping so beautifully free spirited.


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