Monday, 11 January 2016

Medieval Misery on a Mo[a]nday

Many don't relish the prospect of the return to work on a Monday particularly at this time of year. I well remember Mr GBT being filled with dread every Sunday night when he was employed pre redundancy unlike now where he is a self employed craftsman. However, whilst you may feel you are carrying the worries of the world upon your shoulders spare a thought for this poor chap....he's carrying the entire weight of the chancel arch upon his and doesn't his face show the strain!

Likely not to have been intended to be taken too seriously this humorous gem is officially known as a caryatid figure and is apparently rare in the context of medieval wall paintings. He is amongst all the other surviving religious artwork in the church at Coombes, West Sussex.

I will put up the other photos tomorrow.



  1. I know this little church, but don't remember that particular painting. I look forward to more pix tomorrow.

  2. I had to look up 'caryatid' - interesting, knew what they were but not their official title. I find churches a source of interesting glimpses into history, particularly the pagan references that were slipped in to keep the newly converted in line x

  3. Alternatively, having studied the photo a bit more - could he be about to sneeze on opening a lace covered sash window?.... I could be wrong though!

  4. Now you've said it HS I can see exactly what you mean! I am pretty sure Cro you mentioned this one and one at Sompting to visit last year and this was how I first found out about it so I have you to thank. Arilx


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