Saturday 9 January 2016

Getting Ahead

A day off and the weather is playing ball for once...what's a girl to do...catch up with the never ending list of domestic trivia or head out of the door with indecent haste...


A free exhibition at the town museum entitled "The Enigmatic Head" featuring the work of a local artist called Janine Creaye. She works in several mediums as can be seen here and I now find that I've already seen several examples of her carvings at a couple of local nature reserves. Some of the exhibits I loved [particularly the foliate heads which will come as no surprise to any one who has seen the sheer number of greenmen I've featured over the last couple of years] others didn't appeal but here's a small selection for you to make your own mind up. More of her work can be seen here

For anyone who fancies a spot of light reading upon the head cult here's a link that was flagged up recently in The Strange Things Seen In Churches FB should know by now that my brain stores the most random of details and then joins them all up when it seems appropriate



  1. Sadly I won't be zooming anywhere today. That decorating calls! x

  2. It looks like she's from my 'neck of the woods'. Every home should have a Green Man.

  3. Amazing :) I love 'Jack-o-green' or greenman faces too, my sister in law knows this and I received a wooden carved log this chrimbly time - resplendent with a bearded face - happy me :)

  4. Hope the decorating has gone well LG! She's from Cowfold so yes definitely on your patch Cro. Lots of foliate faces in my house too Hawthorn Spellweaver- spotting them in churches has become rather a habit of mine! Arilx

    1. My people were from West Chiltington, Nr Pulborough.


Friday twitching

 I can't tell you how thrilled I was today at lunchtime when I looked out of the living room window and spotted a greenfinch on our feed...