Caterwauling and Howling

One of the positives of January for me is it's the season of howling, apple howling that is or for non Sussex folk wassailing. We went a few times when the teenogre was a small person as it was rare for us to be able to go out as a couple with him in tow in the evening and now I get to participate in the running of the event.

Following a considerable period in the doldrums the tradition was in danger of dying out. However, with the emergence of the community orchards since the Millennium it has seen a revival of interest and a huge rise in organised events. Invitations for Mythago to attend have increased steadily over the past few years and our present Squire wrote our own version a couple of years ago.

Despite the challenging weather conditions we've had of late, Aril had ordered dry weather for this year's Slindon bash [I am known as a weather witch on the side as I loathe dancing out in the rain and it is invariably dry if I'm there!] Lots of mud yes but no rain...indeed a calm starry night with a huge audience [twice the number as last year] Once again it proved to be a great evening with a local ale tent and local food. No photos this year as it followed a similar format to our inaugural attendance last year but Humphrey did sneak into my kit bag just as I was getting ready to leave and then caterwauled loudly when I had the audacity to remove him. Nothing is sacred when you are owned by a bleedin' feline!

My personal highlight was the discovery of this talented trio- they sang unaccompanied during most of their sets and were glorious. A small taster for you from Said The Maiden.



  1. I have just listened to the 'Said the Maiden' how beautiful. Their voices are glorious - off to listen to some more!

  2. We missed our howling this year as (stupidly) we'd invited dinner guests for the 6th. We'd already decided which tree was to be honoured, but it wasn't to be. Next year. In past years I've posted pictures, but always under the word 'Wassail', as I thought 'Howling' might have given the wrong impression of us Sussex folk. Howling is of course also a village in Cold Comfort Farm.

  3. Prior to my dancing days I had never heard the term howling either- wassail is used as much but I couldn't have used the same post title that way!


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