Saturday 4 June 2016

Floral Fun!

Since the age of 15 volunteering in various capacities has been one of my mainstays. By and large it has brought me into contact with all sorts of lovely souls and brought me huge pleasure. Today has seen me helping to man the Sussex Green Living stand at the Floral Fringe event with its founder Carrie. We've had a ball...met lots of like minded people and made lots of new connections as we try to encourage others to recycle more and put the word out about the different fantastic green initiatives that are already up and running in our area.

Much of the recycling I collect and sort in my spare time is sent out in empty shipping containers to Manilla to help the families that live on the municipal dump sites. They turn it into the most amazing jewellery, bags and various other items the proceeds of which allow 800 children to go to school rather than eke out a living from the toxic waste all around them. Amazingly their school is even recycled because it is built out of old shipping containers! The British charity behind this is the Purple Community Project who are now starting a similar scheme with people serving a custodial sentence or community service in the UK. By teaching them the same skills using recycled resources it is hoped that it will give them the opportunity to make a fresh start.

Here we are soaking up the sunshine. I return tomorrow but in my capacity as a Mythago dancer!



  1. It is amazing what is in the western world considered as waste can be turned into things to generate an income.

  2. Well done. That's the sort of charity donations I thoroughly approve of.


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