Wednesday 22 June 2016

Around the World in Eighty Bouquets

What's a girl to do when her client has visitors so has cancelled her usual housesparkling slot....why this one grabbed her camera and headed off on Shank's Pony down the town to run a few errands and see what's what. You saw the photos of the current museum exhibition earlier this week and only a hop and a skip down to the local church brought me to this...the annual flower show. The theme this year was "The World" and each arrangement made a nod to the country it was representing both in colour choice and decorative detail. As ever the standard was very high and the icing on the cake was an exciting discovery which I shall put up in another post.

Antarctica and Iceland

India and Russia

Some of our European cousins- Poland [I spotted the tiny mouse at the bottom amongst the gerberas!] and the clever depiction of the Italian flag.

With no prizes for guessing which country this one is for! I took many more but a taster will suffice methinks!


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  1. Lovely interpretations, bet it smelt gorgeous x wonder what else you spotted!


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