Saturday 18 June 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away....

Actually I don't mind the rain too much but let's inject a little colour into all that drabness. You can see from the pictures that it wasn't actually dry when we popped over to Hever yet still all the colours managed to scream out. As soon as the sun peeped out from behind the clouds all of us grabbed the opportunity to have an is "summer" after all even if we are currently enjoying fairly typical Wimbledon weather!

More roses I fear....the many colour combinations and shapes excite me and I understand that it's been an exceptional year for them. Well that's my excuse for endless photos and I'm sticking to it!

There is something very pleasing about how raindrops settle on the leaves of the Lady's Mantle I find.

Water features abound in the garden along with a topiary chess set made from Golden Yew which is a nod to the type that would have been used by Henry VIII and a pig no less [a topiary one that is not a description of the King but having heard him referred to once as Jabba the Hutt some might challenge me on that one]

Both chums think I am a tad on the weird side and took great delight in pointing out whacky faces to add to my collection.

Even on the dullest of days Coleus never fails to deliver nor Heucheras. I already have a couple of the latter, but I am definitely going to get some more when we get to the replanting stage of our back garden as they are fare well in the face of my neglect.

A cheeky one to finish. I have another one with Guiding J placing her paw rather saucily upon the gentleman's right buttock! However, I shall spare her blushes by not sharing it here.


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