Thursday 2 June 2016

Fabric Shenanigans

Life has been busy here at GBT of late, but a lot of it has been work or, in Mr GBT's case, redesigning the garden related. Add in an 18th birthday plus a dollop of exam stress [not mine and not continuous] and I've had to temporarily suspend my gallivanting.

Aside from the cake and elderflower champagne being made various projects have been moved further on and some of the reading backlog has been tackled. I am getting scarily close to completing something so, terrified that I might be about to break the habit of a life time, I hastened forthwith to rummage in my fabric stash to see what I could start that's completely new.

So far I have only been playing, but I hope that eventually this little lot might make an unusual vintage inspired wall hanging...tacking has commenced and a suitable space on a wall found. I should point out that this really was a very rough dabble just to see whether there was any mileage in the idea. It will use all sorts of treasures that I have collected over the years.

Never one to do anything in a hurry I might be gone some time!


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