Friday 3 June 2016

Regret The Neglect

Despite me steadfastly ignoring this plant [name unknown] faithfully rewards my neglect with these beautiful blooms every year. I am unsure at this point in time quite how this works but I'm not complaining!

The comic Rita Rudner sums up my haphazard approach to plant care perfectly "I have killed so many plants. I walked into a nursery once and my face was on a wanted poster."



  1. That's my kind of plant; rewarded for neglect.

  2. Ha! i talk sternly to new plants entering the house that if they are not happy with the way they are treated, they should just go ahead and die immediately as no amount of sickly looking, hanging leaves will make any difference. The remaining flock is happy.

    1. I daren't let any plant over the's doomed. At least outside they stand a chance if they get rained on snigger!

  3. Very pretty. My favourite kind of plant - leave it to its own devices and it gets on with it! None of that diva behaviour!!


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