Friday 14 July 2017

Barbie and Ken

It's good to see the Timehouse Muzeum in Totnes has found a novel way to reuse dolls...these are now the signs on the toilet doors which greatly amused me!

We met my blogging chum Lovely Grey there a few weeks back for a catchup in this brilliantly eccentric gossiping in the Marrakech art installation.

I was trying to show her some pictures of my son in Bangladesh, but my "smart" [smart? my phone would be bottom of any smart class I can tell ye] was not cooperating. Since then he's sent a few more shots through. Now Ramadan has ended he's had the privilege of attending an Eid celebration in one of the Bengali leaders homes [not the fellow shown here] so he visited the local tailor and had an appropriate outfit specially made. I know as his Mother I'm bound to be biased, but I really do like this photo of him. Usually he's pulling all the special selfie expressions or poses all the young people seem to favour these days...not long until he's home.....I'm looking forwards to his return save for the fact that I'm going to have to get used to sharing the crisps again!



  1. That exhibition sounds right up my street, marvelously odd!
    How handsome does your son look? xxx

  2. Lovely picture of the teen ogre. Mine is definitely photo adverse at the moment! xx

    1. Thanks Julie. Usually he's mucking about so it's good to get a more grown up one of him for a change!


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