Wednesday 12 July 2017

Puzzling be honest I've had a funny old couple of days. You know when nothing is really wrong, but nothing is quite right either and frankly you don't know what you want to be doing with yourself and whatever it is you are doing is still not the right thing!

Not unreasonably several of my clients are away on holiday this week, which has left me with some gaps in my schedule. I did some extra deep cleaning for a client's friend yesterday which swelled the coffers, but once home I kept picking up things, starting and then stopping midway through. I have a List of Doom...gruntwork needing my attention of which a few items got done and a whole host of other things which weren't even down there!

My solution in the end was just to accept the situation for what it was instead of trying to fight it. I decided to abandon any notion of planning and instead settled down to do a comical jigsaw of Sussex which Mr GBT had started several months ago. Once I'd got past the first few difficult minutes I became completely absorbed and it did the trick by settling me right down and quietening the old monkey mind. I thoroughly enjoyed it and Mr GBT joined in. We passed a companiable evening together listening to a new folk CD and nattering.

It's been many years since I've done any more than dip in and dip out of doing a puzzle. I had forgotten how soothing it can be and it certainly meets the remit of a thrifty hobby. Whilst I was sorting through some paperwork for recycling yesterday I found another puzzle which I'll leave for you if you fancy a little featured as part of my CBT course and is an interesting example of how the brain immediately wants to go in one common direction to solve it. The solution is further down the page



  1. How I know that unsettled feeling well sometimes...and at agree a puzzle can soothe a mind on overdrive. We did have a full moon at the weekend, could that have been a contributing factor? x

    1. That's an interesting comment about the full moon. I have wondered from time to time if my occasional change in mood is linked to it.


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