Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Kitchen Dodger

Nothing pleases me more than to discover that either Mr GBT has offered to cook or that a previous meal has yielded sufficient leftovers for another meal.  As far as I am concerned it is a triumph and a cause for celebration. I could tell you many horror stories of my time spent doing my Home Economics 'O' Level, but we would be here all night😁

There are many dishes I won't even attempt...anything involving a roux sauce of any description and you won't see me for dust. It's therefore, come as quite a surprise to me that at the grand old age of 50 I made my first ever lasagne. Love eating it, but to my mind too much faff and washing up.

I don't generally inflict pictures of my culinary attempts upon people, but this turned out, not only passably well, but tasty and simples. Always a fan of any type of thrifty TV programme I like to watch "Eat Well For Less" when I remember. The last episode featured how to make veggie lasagne and not a white sauce in sight. They used cottage cheese instead which immediately made my ears prick up. I shared this info with my Mum last week only to find that this is how my Dad's always done ever I am late to the party! Details are here for anyone interested....I would say that the instructions have missed off one of the layers of the pasta and I did without the onion powder and specific herbs. A goodly dollop of my Everyday Tesco dried ones were fine and it's helped use up more of the current courgette glut

It's fed us again tonight and the last two portions will be frozen.



  1. Well done. Don't be hard on your self about not cooking.We all do different things well. I can cook and bake, but suck at gardening and housework.


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