Saturday 8 July 2017

Historical Bling

For a long time I've hankered after a "Mythago Man"'s the insignia of the side and features on all of our "merch" as my son would call it. I am here modelling our anniversary t shirt last weekend.

Despite asking those members who already own the pendant frankly he's been a hard little devil to track down. All the suggested searches have come up with nothing over the past couple of years, but a dancing friend with more gumption than me has managed to find a beautiful one on Ebay under "Celtic Man". Hers is in silver and I, fickle creature that I am, wanted one in bronze. This is always a challenge as there is far less bronze stuff about, but persistence pays. A faint nudge to my much addled brain brought about a vague recollection of this fellow being something to do with The Book of Kells....a couple of clicks on the Ecosia search engine and Bob's
Your Uncle success....

This little fellow is now all mine. Not the best of photos but my little camera really doesn't do small things close up. He came from here

The service has been excellent, but it has created a new problem for me. I don't "need" anything from the site, but I really, really want is totally my taste in jewellery. I now have my eye on a rather fabulous triskele bracelet.....wonder how long I'll manage to resist. My chappie is being joined by two brothers on the side.... I have been leading my fellow dancers astray!



  1. Interesting pendant. I love your picture-nice to put a face to the blog words.


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