Friday 8 September 2017

Airing your laundry in public!

It's perfectly fine I am not about to change the whole style of this blog into a bare all, confessional type so beloved of the modern day celebrity culture. I do, however, need to show my laundry in public...fear not it's clean. A light shower sent Mr GBT hurtling into the garden to bring in the washing...half an hour later I amused myself hanging it all on indoor airer...that was until something buzzed and I nearly took off......well wouldn't you if you pulled this out unexpectedly!!

I am pleased to be able to report that said dragonfly survived its adventure and has been safely released back into the wild down by the river.



  1. Excellent if not a little unexpected bonus to retrieving the washing!

    1. It was a treat to be up so close and personal.

  2. Glad he/she was safe and sound. I love dragonflies. xx


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