Monday 11 September 2017

Sharing a chuckle.

One has been rootling around the charity shops in one's home town one has to admit. I was actually looking for a coat [no luck this time], but what I found instead was a selection of blank cards which will do for birthdays over the coming year. They had very unusual close ups of crystals and other natural images...a win on all fronts...for me price wise and for our local hospice. Ahem...and then there's this one which is in a class all of its made me and the lady on the till greatly titter. I shall have to be a little more discerning when choosing who to send this one to methinks!

Might as well leave you with a very silly joke I heard from a Morris person yesterday to make your Monday go with a swing....

What do you call a three footed aardvark?

A yardvark...

Boom boom! Right I shall leave all you poor souls in peace for a bit!


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