Wednesday 6 September 2017

It's the small things....

I've mused over the weekend's doings and reached the same conclusion that, with me, it always comes down to the easily dismissed and seemingly insignificant moments which mean so much to me and add to my quality of life.

The shared laughter over discovering that there really is a consumer for every product....prompted by this photo I now know that Purple Emperor butterflies are equally keen on doggie doo-doo.

Sitting on the bench looking over the millpond with a jointly prepared picnic whilst watching the red dragonflies [or maybe damselflies...I know not] managing amazing aeronautical feats worthy of any Red Arrow display and catching up on my friend's news. Growing up offspring's results to celebrate and TYM's recent flying visit to Calais to help out at the Refugee Charity's Warehouse.

Stopping to admire the vista of the beautiful South Downs laid out before us and enjoying the shared experience of spotting and then trying to identify our various finds....sometimes more successful than others!

And this to wind up my visit to Woods Mill.....a moment as we crossed over Steve's Bridge to pause and agree what a fitting memorial this was to a chap who was apparently a very special individual.

The moments spent with those family and friends who bring joy and warmth to my life is time never wasted.


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