Tuesday 26 September 2017

Jolly green man.

What's a Mummy to do when she's publically putting a brave face on it without letting the stiff upper lip wobble...Mr GBT distracts her with a 20 min spin round the city [sorry can't be specific as need to protect our son's privacy] and allows her to do a spot of green man hunting before we hop back in the metal box and travel the five hours home.....

Mission accomplished and an all round successful weekend. TYM has been safely delivered to his halls and is already embracing the social life if the text message at 2am telling us he was completely trolleyed is anything to go by! After three months in Bangladesh his Father and I are getting quite good at this "seeing your offspring" off now! Right..you know what they say about when the cat's away...think it's a golden opportunity for his parents to get up to a spot of mischief in his absencešŸ˜ˆ



  1. With one son already into his 2nd year at Lancaster and the other planning to go to Edinburgh next year, I'm not looking forward to that extra 'space' that will left behind. However, on the up side. ... less washing, less shopping, less queues for the bathroom/shower, less shoes to fall over, I'll miss them x

  2. Awww, big hugs. A couple of my friends are going through the same thing this week! xxx

  3. Enjoy your new round of empty nesting. Your weekends sound so fun.

  4. He'll return....as will his washing! x


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