Monday 23 July 2018

What's for dinner?

That is indeed the question I am to be found often asking myself in the week running up to friends coming for dinner. I'm quite good at planning a menu, buying the ingredients, doing the prep and cooking in advance. What I'm not good at is cooking for guests when they're actually there. It all sends me into a flat spin and Mr GBT does the honours. For that reason alone I'm sure some of our friends think I never cook as they're never physically allowed to see the evidence!

I like feeding the friends who came last night. She's an excellent cook [former caterer], but they're both always really enthusiastic about what we serve up [or extremely polite, but they keep coming back]. She's veggie which doesn't present any problems, but has also been diagnosed as a Coeliac within the last couple of years. She is desperate to not put anyone to any trouble and always offers to bring her own food, but I can't bear the thought of that. There's always a way round these things and one thing I know for sure is S likes cake😁

Feeling a little braver than normal I was able to get a veggie tagine going in the slow cooker early on and I trialled a new lemon polenta cake recipe [something I never normally risk doing under such circumstances]. It promised to be easy and it delivered on its promise. The cake was really lemony and the only tweak I'd make is a bit more baking powder and maybe a bit less sugar. I served it with cream and it tasted lovely. Too rich for seconds though.  Recipe here

As they say "the proof of the pudding is in the eating"!


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  1. Oh well done on doing the special food for her! I think veggies and Coeliacs/Crohns-sufferers really do appreciate when they get special food cooked for them. We had a party recently and my gluten-free and veggie friends were super happy about what we had prepared.
    Your cake looks really nice! I like Polenta!x


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