Tuesday 31 July 2018


[Image from Pixabay]

We use the verb "to whiffle" in completely the wrong way at GBT.  Here it means to catch a whiff of something that set your nostrils a-twitching in a good way. Usually it's as in "stop whiffling" when the black hairy feline starts pushing his nose too close to our food!

When the rain first fell on Friday afternoon it was the smell of the rain on the earth coming through the open door at my client's house which first drew my attention. Over the weekend I learnt there's a proper name for it- petrichor. It got me thinking about other scents which I enjoy. In no particular order some which sprang to mind are

vanilla, freshly cut grass, laundry dried outside, striking matches, baking bread, creosote, the sea as you approach the coast, frying bacon and onions, lilac, boiling tar, fresh coffee, manure [I know!] and my personal favourite....woodsmoke in old cottages during the winter.



  1. There is something quite delicious about the scent of rain. It is one that is precious to me as one from Africa. We, as children, would go and stand in the first rains of the season.

    1. Yes especially sweet after a period of dry weatherxx


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