Thursday 16 January 2020

Appreciate a dragon day.

So were you aware that today is "Appreciate a dragon day" today? No me neither until very recently.  There are various suggestions to how you can celebrate our fire breathing friend.....reading appropriate books, drawing them, watching films. I thought I might have to go back through the archives to find a suitable image, but thankfully the powers that be were looking kindly upon me and introduced me to this new fellow only last weekend.

There's no great age to him, but I was tickled pink to find him [so nearly missed him!] in the small Sussex village of Lurgashall.  Occasionally I get wind of these rather odd themed days or even weeks. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them, but should you have a burning desire to see which special day it is on any given date you can now check for yourself here It could be a godsend on a slow blogging day!



  1. Lurgashall sounds like it should be the home of a dragon, even if it is only a carved one. He does look very lively though!

    1. He's quite a lively one isn't he. Arilx


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