Friday 17 January 2020

Dry January

In 2019 Mr GBT and I undertook another "Dry January". Our motivation was to support TYM who was doing it alongside the other members of his uni running club. We soldiered on and made it through only to discover a few days ago our son had fallen off the wagon within three days. No staying power!! Anyway there's none of that nonsense going on this year. This is my new type of "Dry January" 😀

This rather dry humoured take on the whole affair is currently to be seen on the outside of one of the town centre pubs!



  1. That sign outside the pub made me laugh! Brilliant!.I was going to do dry January,but the excess of booze bottles standing on the living room table made the room look too cluttered so I thought that I would slowly work my way down those to make the house look a bit more tidy..recycling the bottles as I work my way through them of course,lol.It is my way of decluttering.I will have a dry Feb instead cause there are a few less days!,xx

    1. Won't be doing dry February either! Good luck with it thoughxx



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