Thursday 30 January 2020

Millennium Art

Two stained glass windows in different churches by different artists, but both celebrating the Millennium. Both deserve closer inspection because when I got home and looked at my photos carefully I discovered both had unexpected details I missed when I was there. It seems the art of the church window is more deserving of my attention.

"The River of Life" by R J Lloyd is in All Hallows, Tillington. I am very taken with the restricted colours he's used by omitting the reds etc and particularly love all those little hidden extras which pay homage to the surrounding South Downs. The seedheads stole my heart.

"St Laurence" by P M Martin is in the church of the same name in Lurgashall. This one is set up really high and I couldn't make out much with the naked eye. I took a photo in the hopes that it might come out.

Imagine my delight later on when I found that the left hand panel has a squirrel, rabbit, a rather oversized duck, chaps playing cricket and a young boy who's a dead spit for a young Daniel Radcliffe playing Harry Potter. Such a shame that its treasures go many unnoticed. If you double click the picture below you can see the content more easily.

This is the final post from my little Sussex exploration with E a couple of weeks ago.


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