Friday 3 January 2020

Random Friday Jottings

This article by Mary Portas on the topic of the Kindness Economy spoke to me. It's given me food for thought.

Have a splendid weekend!



  1. This seems to be happening more and more in small communities - really interesting if it moves to the bigger cities... happy new year Aril

  2. Cue an entrance from a pet hobby-horse...

    The holidays usually offer an occasion to "commune with the ancestors/ghosts of Christmases past". Coincidentally, I've been remembering the expeditions to select fabrics for sewing gift nighties or toddler clothing, or even! a trip to a professional dressmaker for that special dress. (Having lived through the Great Depression, when one reused any whole scrap of cloth, the older ladies considered buying new yard goods a treat!) Aside from haute couture and bridal wear, whatever happened to the dressmakers?


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