Monday 20 January 2020

Burger Queen

The words "I'm going to make burgers" is enough to send Mr GBT running for the hills. Judging by my past explosions when undertaking such ventures he probably never wanted to hear the combination of "burgers" and my name in the same sentence again, but I saw this one through. No tantrums and they tasted rather good.

 As you can see I made 6 burgers and added extra flour to make the mix easier to handle. They definitely didn't need any extra water. This is one of Jack Monroe's recipes. I bought one of her books from the charity shop for £1.49 several months ago, but hadn't used it. Thought I should at least attempt something before I passed it on and am now converted. As ever I am late to the party and her blog wasn't on the radar, but here's the recipe



  1. Just the thing for a cold winter night, and me with a cupboard stocked with the ingredients listed! Thank you, Aril: This is definitely an improvement over my microwavable Indian curries.

    1. I've just made her vegetable masala too which was tasty. Arilx



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