Boxing Clever

As Mr GBT's proficiency on the mandolin has increased so has the amount of sheet music he now has. For several months we've been classily shoving it in an eyecatching orange bag from a certain well known supermarket and slinging said receptacle up the side of the armchair. Out of sight out of mind and all that. Being a naturally tidy person though I knew that we would need a more permanent solution long term, but I wasn't sure what.

Now that old subconscious is a funny old beast and it had been apparently quietly working away at this knotty problem in the background. One morning over the festive break an answer was forthcoming....."magazine rack".  I briefly dabbled with the idea of looking at the charity shops for one, but decided to go rogue and see what might come up on Freecycle.

Bingo...I hit the jackpot. It might not be much of a looker yet it fits the brief perfectly. Even better is that it slots into the available space perfectly and is tucked neatly out of the way. The freecycler's Dad made it. Mr GBT seems quite pleased and he can easily find everything now!



  1. Sheet music is a real nuisance - that's a good solution you've found ... I've never been able to throw it out either.

    1. He's started to put some of it in a folder because it was all getting so creased. Arilx


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