Tuesday 7 January 2020

The January Sales

As an ardent shopper I've had the most splendid time flinging my pennies around in the sales....why there was the impulse purchase of a Terry's Chocolate Orange for 50p [actually my thought process was "Fab that's Valentine's sorted then!"...believe you me that's a step up from last year when I completely ignored it!] and then a few 20p pieces were spent willy nilly in the town's new Lidl on such luxuries as reduced eggs and a couple of malt loaves. Yes living the high life moi!  After such wanton extravagance the GBT purse is now clamped tightly shut!!

Now this is what I call a proper shop with its beautiful frontage. Sadly the building is no longer standing, but those gorgeous windows are in storage in Colchester museum.

This photo came to light last month when a spare copy of it was given to my Mum by her SIL. This was the family antiques shop and that is my great-grandfather and grandfather standing outside. We don't know what year it was taken, but the former owner's name is still above the door so we have guessed that it was around the time they took it over. Sadly both died long before I was born, but it's been a real treat to see the shop for the first time after hearing my Mum talking about it over the years. I did check beforehand that with her that she was happy for me to share it on here.



  1. I love your idea of going to the sales!.They are very much like mine..this week I picked up a brand new,yellow and grey Next tartan blanket fleece for 1 pound! Why do people give these things away!.Also 2 Egyptian cotton bath towels for 50p each.All from my favourite charity shop.These things were needed!!.I am carrying on with my no clothes buying for a year because I think that I must have enough clothes to last me until I am 143 years old...and thats with getting rid of some that I wasnt too fond of!.I love your photo of the old shop.xx

    1. You've done well Debi. I'm off to pick up a useful item from freecycle tomorrow.


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