Thursday 6 February 2020

A Roundabout Tale.

Increasingly when we travel I am noticing that roundabouts now quite often have interesting things plonked in the middle of them. As a child roundabouts were simply something you went round and maybe you got a floral display if you were lucky. Over the past few years I've seen all sorts of structures and sculptures. I note them, wonder briefly about them and then we're on our way and I've forgotten all about them. For once I had my phone in my lap on Saturday so, although the quality is rubbish, I did get a photo of this boat on the Holmbush roundabout near Shoreham whilst we were queueing [obviously Mr GBT was driving at the time].

This vessel is an original Higgins landing craft and was used for the D day landings and it was also one of 6 which featured in "Saving Private Ryan". It's been here since 2007 as a reminder of the area's maritime history. I feel a whole new slightly off beam hobby involving roundabouts and strange things found thereon.......



  1. We still do have the usual planting schemes but some are quite interesting - spirals of trees, scree gardens etc. There is one in a neighbouring town that has a huge hollow in it and acts as a storm drain, due to it's lack of human intervention it has been reported that all sorts of interesting and rare local fauna have colonised the sides much to the resident botanists excitement : But nothing as unusual as your boat :D

  2. You need to see Barnhenge roundabout in Barnstaple to believe it. At first it was really funny because many of the standing stones resembled male they sawed them off at odd angles!! Cost thousands too!! x

  3. Roundabouts are usually barren bricks hereabouts. Those in more rural areas (awaiting housing development) are sometimes ignored by local farmers and commercial drivers, who drive their rigs up and over. This calls for a response from Authority, usually in the form of a flagpole. You can guess what happens next, on a dark and stormy night...


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