Monday 10 February 2020


Our friends are getting married [not a first wedding for either of them] in the Spring and they've not only invited us to the party they're throwing on the day after, but to the wedding itself which is lovely. I haven't been to a wedding in years and this one will be a low key affair. what's a dame to wear to such an event I wondered. Well it took me all of about 15 secs to decide and spend the last of my birthday money on this hand embroidered frock. Not normally being a dress wearer this one will be able to be incorporated in my usual summer wardrobe afterwards. Always got my eye on the usefulness of any purchase I make and wearability. Old habits never die!

Mind you I think I might need to source some suitable footwear too now😁



  1. What a pretty dress

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Oh just my sort of thing and the colours are great!.Im sure it will look wonderful and you will get plenty of use out of it after the wedding day.Just with sandles in the Summer and thick tights,Dc Martins and chunky cardigan in the cooler days.Its lovely,xx

  3. Metallic sandals or booties? This is clearly a case of "What would Vix wear?"


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