Friday 21 February 2020

Champers dear boy?

Now that's what I call a decent, Aril-sized, corkscrew....only need to find a big enough bottle to accompany it! Extensive research tells me that a Melchior sized one would give me a mere 144 glasses of bubbly. Sadly the reality is that more than a couple of glasses of the stuff gives me a cracking headache­čść Ah well I enjoyed coming across this in the window of our town's rather classy wine shop. Needless to say I have never crossed the threshold of this particular establishment....have a sparkling weekend!



  1. A glass or two of something sparkly would certainly brighten my day.

  2. I often wish that I could drink a bit of alcohol sometimes but like you it makes me feel horrible, not worth it. My sin is chocolate but that doesn't do me much good either, lol

  3. I loved seeing those big bottles when we went to the Moet and Chandon cellars in Epernay! That corkscrew!!! (I just read a book where a character was murdered with one!)


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