Will the real Mr Williams please step forward.

Sunday morning is deemed a "special breakfast" day in our household. By this I mean we ignore the usual fare of cereal and porridge in favour of something like croissants, hot cross buns etc. We like to take our time eating it over a leisurely cup of coffee whilst nattering and often playing some sort of relaxing classical music.

A few weeks ago I suggested to Mr GBT that we might like to listen to the greatest hits by John Williams I'd bought him for Christmas. Expecting some uplifting guitar music imagine my surprise when I heard the theme tune to Starwars closely followed on by the one for Jaws. Not quite the ambience I was going for! What a way to discover there are two popular John Williams out there. Note to self....check the playlist before purchasing. Thankfully Mr GBT loves all the classic blockbusters so this alternative is perfectly acceptable even though it's not quite what I was aiming for😳 Ah well you live and learn!



  1. That made me chuckle. I bet it livened up the breakfast ambience.

    1. I was rather confuzzled let's just say! Arilx

  2. More of a soundtrack for Monday morning breakfasts, perhaps?

  3. I KNEW you were going to say that!!! Haha, Jaws!!


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