Friday 18 September 2020


 It was all the rage a few years ago to make your own version of a takeaway classic at home for a fraction of the price. I wonder if people still do that? Personally I enjoy a takeaway as an occasional treat, but it's usually only for a special occasion or in lieu of a dinner with friends so that we can all enjoy each other's company without anyone having to cook [we had fish and chips in the garden with friends one evening this week]. One thing I do baulk at is pizzas....maybe it's me, but they always seem a very expensive option to me [perhaps I'm just too tight!]. Instead we stick to supermarket ones or quick ones using pitta breads as the base.

Until last weekend I had never tried my hand at making my own pizza bases. I strongly suspected they were going to be a complete faff with hours spent knocking back the dough and kneading [quite where I'm getting some of my information from lord only knows!] I confessed my avoidance of this to a friend who laughed and said it was dead easy. Spurred on with a modicum of enthusiasm I parted with some real groats [you know it's serious when I spend money­čść] for strong bread flour and yeast sachets. It's still taken me two months to get on with it, but 2020 is all about trying new things and learning different skills so here's the proof.

I'm sure everybody else will have done it yonks ago, but I was a bit chuffed and it tasted as good as the ones we normally enjoy. It was a walk in the park and I have promised to make more. Hope you all have a good weekend folks.



  1. That pizza is truly a "supreme"! Must confess I've been trying not to think about pizzas whilst not entertaining at home during the plague. It would be unwise, my eating alone with a large and luscious pizza... (Have you heard of the "Covid 19 [pounds]"?

    1. I know the feeling. I lost several pounds during lockdown, but seem to have found them all again! Arilx


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