Thursday 10 September 2020

Odds and sods

Now I've caught up with last week's doings I thought perhaps I would share a few photos of my doings this week so far...all rather random, but there we go.

A walk along the old railway line near us took us along a stretch I'd not seen before. Our friend who took us used to work on this line that went to Guildford. He remembered that it literally closed overnight after Beeching's cuts in 1966 and left many people high and dry without a way to get to work. It's now a very popular route with runners, cyclists and dog walkers. The rather fancy zigzag design on the second bridge looks rather snazzy, but doesn't bear closer inspection as it's only the edges of the corrugated metal filled with concrete!

My first encounter with Black Bryony a string of traffic light coloured jewels suspended on the fence.

A cheery sunflower in our friends' garden. It towers above their fence and they always bring a smile to my face.

My latest volunteering spot sorting clothes for a charity came around again at the weekend. Last month you may remember that the recycling gods gifted me a Steampunk watch for Mr GBT's hat. This time out of 100 or more black bags filled with donations this was in the bottom of one of the ones I had picked out at random from the pile. There shouldn't be any non textiles in there, but then from my Sussex Green Living experience I know that people are very good at sneaking in naughty things. This time it's a beautiful little book all about English architecture focussing mainly on churches. I go with my friend J and we met again along with some old school friends on Monday and she was telling them that she's convinced that I've got some sort of magical power for finding these perfect Aril things. It does feel a bit like I'm being given special gifts, but there really is no hocus pocus going on!!

Finally a stunner of a sunset....if I showed you the whole photo it would rather bring it down to earth as Tesco is below it. After six months we returned to spend our vouchers....on gin. If I tell you Mr GBT went out last night and picked sloes you might guess what's coming up on the making agenda­čść

First day of our holi"days" enjoyed yesterday. More to follow shortly.


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