Friday 11 September 2020

Mystery Object

One of those occasional posts I do....answers on a postcard please😁 I was completely flummoxed when I came across these yesterday and wouldn't have had a clue what they were for had I not been told. They're called bobbins, but am not sure that will be of any help.

I'll put the answer up later. Have a great weekend. 


PS Eileen is right. They were used to bend lead pipes for plumbing!


  1. I think these are plumbers dolly bobbins.

  2. Giant prayer beads? Strange abacus? Necklace for a giant?

    Haven't a clue!

  3. Not too sure,but I know that I had something called a bobbin that looked like those and I used them for French knitting what my Swiss nana showed me how to do.Although if I remember rightly,my bobbins had 4 little nails in the top of them which you somehow wrapped the wool around and threaded it through the hole in the middle and it grew out the other end.I wouldnt have a clue how to do it now!.Other wise to that,I wouldnt have a clue what they are!xx

  4. Goodness Aril...I have actually no idea at all! x

  5. I might know this. Are these used as a family recording mechanism? A bobin is added for each birth, marriage etc.? I think I saw something like this ona tour once, but I can't remember the name.


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