Sunday 27 December 2020

Festive Highlights

 Just a small handful of photos which capture the essence of the last couple of days. 

Back in mid October, with my tongue firmly in the side of my cheek, I jested with our friends P and C how we could always have mulled wine and mince pies sat on the logs in the secluded little spot we always have our walking coffee at hidden away from prying eyes. How those words have come back to haunt me.....thankfully the weather was sunny for our annual Christmas Eve jaunt. We followed it with homemade soup in their garden....if you had told me this was the mad sort of thing we'd be getting up to a year ago I'd have laughed at the ridiculousness of it๐Ÿ˜

A most splendid Christmas day spent with my folks. This rather wonderful candelabra puts me in mind of the ones seen in the Great Hall in's inspired me to dedicate every Saturday night during January and February to the viewing of the Harry Potter films in sequence. We've already got them and I never tire of them. Accompanied by suitable film watching snacks that should be our free entertainment sorted for a few weeks!

Finally nothing quite says Christmas like a dead Sussex fairy....the chaps are about as thrilled as you might imagine that she's come to live with me. She's "from" Park Mount in Pulborough which is supposedly the site of the last seen fairy funeral. I visited back in the summer and asked my very talented friend, Witchy Woo, to base her on this when I commissioned her a few weeks ago. WW has even provided her with a biography! 

Speak soon.


  1. Your fairy sent me off to google about Sussex fairy stories. Thank you for that pleasant tangent.

    1. There are lots of fairy related tales in Sussex. Arilx


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