Friday, 4 December 2020


An old tree stump at the end of somebody's drive now transformed into a smiley face for all the passers by.

 I do like it when people go slightly [or very] off piste and do something a little bit different. We were only out to buy more milk, but it cheered up our stroll no end. Have a great weekend folks!



  1. Your little stump reminded me. In the woods near here, there used to be a sign, apropos to absolutely nothing! It was three arrows pointed in three different directions, carefully lettered 'hither', 'thither' and 'yon'. I always wanted to know the person who put them there. I felt as if I would like them very much.

  2. These little things are just a bit of fun and even more so with what we're all facing at the moment. Arilx


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