Thursday 17 December 2020

Hare today...not gone tomorrow.

This rather fine fellow arrived at GBT a couple of weeks ago. He is supposed to be living in the garden, but I am a soft-hearted nid nod and couldn't bear the thought of him getting cold or worse still covered in bird poo. Mr GBT just raised his eyebrows at me when I confessed that this hare is staying inside with us. He's well used to the ways of the dotty dame he married. So there I was just taking a shot when who should muscle in.....the four legged poseur himself. Somebody feared that the interloper might have been stealing the limelight and he wasn't having it. Typical feline!




  1. Cats are expert photo bombers aren't they?
    Love that Hare.

  2. I have a garden hare and he lives in the hall. I bought him on the Isle of Wight a few years ago. Wouldn't let him stop outside. We had a rabbit, Monty , and he slept in the bottom of the cupboard near my back door. Little b ate through the phone wire, twice. (but he was gorgeous.)

  3. What a handsome cat you have! The hare didn't stand a chance.

  4. Your cat needs to make sure that every hare is in place.

  5. He's a darling! And the cat isn't bad either!;-)



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