Tuesday 1 December 2020

Planter Tweaks

2020 has definitely been the year of the garden and I've seen people doing amazing things. I regret that I didn't join them though. Instead I clamped my hands over my ears and ignored ours completely. Since Mr GBT redesigned it in 2019 I've not really been able to decide what I wanted to do with it beyond making it wild life friendly. A general malaise set in until I saw a photo of a FB friend's garden and then it all fell into place. I now know how I want it to be and with our lovely neighbour just having replaced the fence on their side [we did ours last year] the basic framework is there and good to go.

Bringing colour in is the first step and we've been talking through ways of doing that. We only have a small patch so relying solely on the plants isn't going to provide enough throughout the seasons [we're north facing so light levels can be low]. Mr GBT came up with a cunning plan last week and drew up the design below.

I was assigned the task of being colour monitor which I felt I did to the best of my ability and after a whopping outlay of £11.20 at Topps Tiles we're underway....or should I say Mr GBT has started.

We've got the two planters he made and he's going to decorate each side with a combination of the tiles I've chosen. Years ago I spent ages stripping copper wire out of some old flex we'd been given and he's made hooks from it which he's attached to the tile back with epoxy glue and then hung them on nails. He's going to work on them over the next few weekends. It reminds me a little of the colours that Piet Modrian worked in.

Am chuffed so far.



  1. I have a neglected garden that I need to bring back to life. I am always interested in watching a garden taking shape. There is a real joy in creating something anew.


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