Friday 27 December 2013

Friday Funding Fun

I am, to be honest, not the greatest fan of cold turkey on the planet so I've needed to find other ways to use it up. Nowadays we make up some stuffing and blitz it together with the leftover meat and then use our burger press [from Lakeland] to turn them into patties. We brush oil on them and then bake them in the oven [I always try to make sure the oven is full to make the best use of it]. For those like me lacking in inspiration there are masses more ideas of what to do with Chrimble food here!

Whilst on the subject of food from time to time when I remember I click on the hunger site. It costs nothing for me to do it but it means that way a cup of rice is donated each time. Trouble is I have the best of intentions but am lousy at actually doing it on a regular basis. Yesterday I got my ample rump into gear and signed up for the daily email reminder- if you do they donate an extra two cups of rice when you first join. Link is here- there are other sites you can support for free as well.


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