Saturday 14 December 2013


Not the floral kind. Instead I am referring to the type that are stacked high in every supermarket right now in anticipation of some celebration that I believe might just be happening later this know the one they've been shoving [pushing is too polite a word] since 1st September or if you're Harrods JULY.

I will freely admit that I consider it to be the height of bad manners to refuse one of these if I am offered on any occasion so have never knowingly done so ho ho!

Cadbury's named their product after the Rose family. William Rose from Gainsborough invented the world's first mechanical packing machine and set up his own company called Rose Brothers [Gainsborough] Limited. When the company closed the confectioner bought it and moved the operation to Birmingham.



  1. Well I never knew that Gainsborough is not far from us either, have to say i prefer a miniature hero myself ;)


  2. Thanks Shaz- chocolate of any type in my book has to be a good thing. The Rose family lived at the Gainsborough Old Hall. Surprising what you learn when you're a tourist!


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